Spice Up Date Night with a Hot Tub this Fall

Who says date night needs to be a long, expensive night on the town? Whether it’s a new romantic interest or date night with a longtime partner, think outside the box for your next date night. Use these ideas to spice up date night with a hot tub this fall.

Mood Lighting for Date Night

To set the scene for your hot tub date night, it’s important to make sure you have the right mood lighting. If your hot tub has lighting, adjust the controls so that they’re not too bright. Outside of the hot tub, consider stringing up lights to provide a romantic glow around the entire walkway and area. 

Music to Set the Tone

Never underestimate the power of music and how it can set the tone for your date night. Create a playlist with some of you and your partner’s favorite love songs to set the mood for the evening. If you’re newly dating someone and don’t have favorite songs as a couple, you can use a prepared romantic playlist from a streaming service. With your Hot Spring®  or Caldera spa, you can easily play music through the Hot Spring®  Sound System with Bluetooth®  Wireless Technology. This will make set up easy as you plan the rest of your evening together.  

Aromatherapy Candles 

No romantic evening is complete without candles flickering in the moonlight. Add to the ambiance of your date night with candles around your hot tub. You can even get some help with the mood by using aromatherapy candles that boost those loving feelings. Scents such as lavender or vanilla jasmine are good choices, but be sure you select something your partner likes as well. 

Accessories to Enhance the Experience

Impress your partner with special details on your date night. For instance, have soft, fluffy towels or robes available for when you slip out of the hot tub into the chilly night air. You can also have sweet treats ready like chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate fondue as a special treat when you get out of the hot tub. And don’t forget about having a bottle of your favorite wine on hand to enjoy throughout the evening. These simple touches show you put thought into making this a special evening for the two of you. 

The Perfect Hot Tub for the Perfect Evening

So, now you’ve got plenty of ideas to spice up date night with a hot tub this fall. But if you don’t have the perfect hot tub yet, there’s still time to call IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces to help complete your backyard setting. IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces has proudly served the Denver area since 1978 and are the master spa dealers in Denver. We are pleased to offer the finest products in the hot tub industry, including Hot Spring®, Caldera Spas®, BestLife® hot tubs, and more. We also carry a selection of used hot tubs and spas, pre-owned hot tub covers, and exercise spas. Each of our four locations provides excellent customer service as well to ensure you find the best hot tub for you. Visit us today or call 303-296-7727 for more information.


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