Does Sitting in a Hot Tub Burn Calories?

If you are anything like us at IHT, you are always looking for ways to improve your health and wellness. Did you know that sitting in a hot tub burns calories? As crazy as it sounds, it absolutely can. Now, it is not a huge amount of calories that are burned, but there are around 60 calories an hour if you weigh 150 pounds. There are also other benefits to helping you lose weight while soaking in your hot tub though.

Stress Management

We have all heard the importance of managing stress while trying to lose weight. Stress impacts cortisol production, which hinders weight loss. Remember the important lesson Elle Woods taught us, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” She wasn’t wrong! 

Finding ways to relax is therefore very important to weight loss. So get those endorphins flowing with a relaxing soak in your hot tub! The heat and jets can really help to relax your muscles. This will do just as much for your weight loss as sitting in the hot water will. Finding ways to relax (especially in today’s world) will do a world of good for your health.

Improves sleep

The warm water will not only help you to unwind and de-stress from a long day, but it will also improve your sleep. We know we have been up way too late at night unable to rest because of anxiety or worries over tomorrow. Soaking in a hot tub will allow your body to feel less tense.

This all means you will sleep better and likely eat fewer calories. Science has shown that people who are sleep-deprived eat around 300 calories more per day than people who get enough sleep. Sleeping well also allows your body and mind to recover better which can help you make good choices the next day.

Other health benefits besides burning calories

In addition to these two major impacts on weight loss and management, hot tubs can also provide relief for ailments like diabetes, arthritis, or injuries

Some studies on hot tubs have shown to help lower blood sugar somewhat. There is also research that explores how sitting in a hot tub can ease pain from arthritis and injuries. 

If you are struggling to exercise regularly because of these health issues – for example, arthritis pain and sore joints prevent you from working out and having a full range of motion – a hot tub can help! The warm water provides buoyancy for a low-impact workout, allowing you to stretch and do simple exercises you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. These easy workouts alone will help you burn a few calories, as well!


There are many health benefits to a hot tub, the least of which is to help burn a few extra calories each day. If you are in the market for a hot tub, the experts at IHT are ready to help you make the best selection for you. Schedule a free test soak for yourself and contact us with any questions you may have.


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