Have Endless Year Round Fun with the Family in an Endless Pools Swim Spa

An Endless Pools swim spa has all of the benefits of a hot tub and pool in one. No matter the size or age range of your family or friend group, there’s something for everyone with a swim spa from Endless Pools. Larger than a hot tub, but smaller than a traditional pool, its jets make it ideal for activities that go far beyond relaxing or swimming. Here are a few ways to have endless year round fun with the family in an Endless Pools swim spa. 

Staycation Vibes

If a summer getaway isn’t in the works for summer, don’t worry. You can create major vacation vibes in your own backyard! Create a playlist of your favorite beach tunes, light some Tiki torches around the pool, and you’re on your way. You can even grab that book you’ve been dying to read and mix up your favorite island cocktail to enjoy poolside. Then, put your phone on “Do not disturb” and you’re in full relaxation mode. 

Backyard BBQ

Summer is barbecue season, but in Colorado, we barbecue all year long! Your backyard will be the place to be with great food, friends and the promise of fun in an Endless Pools swim spa. Invite your friends and family over for a backyard barbeque, complete with fun in your swim spa. Depending on the age of your guests, have pool noodles or floaties on hand for smaller swimmers. 

Pool Games

An Endless Pools swim spa is the perfect setting for some games. Get everyone in on the action with a game of water volleyball. First, divide the pool down the middle with a volleyball net or use a makeshift net of your choice. Then, use either a regular volleyball or even beach balls to play the game. 

If you have a portable basketball hoop or even a child’s hoop, you can play a game of HORSE. Players take turns to see who the last person standing is in this game. 

Of course, the tried and true water rings, water guns, and goggles always add to the fun of pool time. 

Water Sports

The powerful jets of an Endless Pools swim spa aren’t just for soothing tired muscles. The jets imitate the movement when you’re out on the water, making them perfect for water sports such as paddle boarding, body surfing or even kayaking. 

For the competitive members of your family, try a swimming competition. Either alone or with a second participant, time how long someone can swim against the current. Whoever can swim for the longest amount of time wins. 

The Best Part

The best part of an Endless Pools swim spa is the versatility. You have created the perfect retreat in your own backyard and you have access to it 24/7, January thru December. You are no longer limited to “pool season” to enjoy the luxury and benefits of an Endless Pools swim spa. 

These ideas will help get you started, but we’re sure you’ll have endless year round fun with the family in an Endless Pools swim spa. You have all the makings of a good time, so be sure that you have the Endless Pools swim spa that’s right for your family. Since 1978, IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces has proudly served the Denver, Colorado, area. We have a wide selection of swim spas and provide outstanding customer service. Visit us at one of our four locations today. Call for more information or learn how to buy a hot tub from home!

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