Health Benefits of a Snow Plunge After a Hot Tub Soak

You’ve probably seen videos or pictures of people who get out of their hot tub and jump into a nearby snow bank. You’ve also probably thought those same people were crazy. But what if we told you that they’re actually doing something good for their health? After seeing the health benefits of a snow plunge after a hot tub soak, you may just decide to take the plunge yourself. 

Increase Adrenaline

Soaking in a hot tub can put most people in a good mood. But there are proven health benefits to taking a snow plunge after being in the hot tub. Moving from hot to cold is a definite shock to your system but in a good way. This transition can raise your heart rate, increase adrenaline and even release endorphins in your body. All of these things combine to help improve your mood. 

Reduce Pain and Inflammation from Arthritis

Hot tub use has long been recognized as an effective source of relief for those who suffer from arthritis. But there are additional health benefits when you take a snow plunge after a hot tub soak. Many people who suffer from joint pain and arthritis also suffer from inflammation. By adding a snow plunge, the drastic change from the heat of the hot tub to the cold of the snow does wonders to decrease inflammation. This can be an inexpensive and easy way for arthritis sufferers to manage their pain more effectively at home. 

Improve Circulation 

What if we told you that hot to cold therapy could improve your circulation and your skin? It’s true. And it doesn’t involve a pricey spa treatment either. The heat from your hot tub naturally opens pores to help detoxify your skin as well as improve the blood circulation in your body. This increased circulation doesn’t stop with the heat from your hot tub, though. In fact, moving from the hot water to the cold snow also amps up circulation and nourishes your skin as well as your internal organs. With hot to cold therapy, your body is rejuvenated from the inside out. 

Become More Mentally Resilient

Anyone who has climbed out of a hot tub on a cold night knows the feeling. You sit in the hot water as you steel yourself and mentally prepare for the cold shock that awaits when you get out. Turns out, the transition from hot to cold not only offers physical benefits but mental ones as well. Just the mental preparation to move from the hot tub and take a plunge into the snow can make your mind more resilient. Your brain actively processes the difference in temperature, tells your body how to deal with it, and helps you cope with an uncomfortable situation. This practice in resiliency can translate to other areas of your life as well, making you tougher mentally. 

Start Enjoying the Health Benefits Today

Are you ready to experience the health benefits of a snow plunge after a hot tub soak? If so, it’s time to call IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. Since 1978 we have proudly served the Denver area as the master spa dealers in Denver. We are proud to offer the finest products available in the hot tub industry, including Hot Spring®, Caldera Spas®, BestLife® hot tubs, and more. Visit us today at any one of our four locations or call 303-296-7727 for more information. As always, check with your doctor to see if this routine is right for you.

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