How Long do People Need to Stay in a Hot Tub?

How long do people need to stay in a hot tub? While you may get a general response, there are actually a few parameters to note that will help guide your answer like age, health, hydration, and hot tub temperature. IHT is also available to answer any questions you may have about hot tub use and how to best reap the health and wellness benefits for you. 

Age determines how long people need to stay in a hot tub.

Now, a lot of these parameters are interconnected, but age is by far the simplest one to start with. A healthy adult (age 18-65) or older teen (16-17) has very little limitation on how long they can stay in a hot tub. With a temperature setting between 100 and 104 degrees F, you can stay in the hot tub for up to 45 minutes. 

It is highly recommended at that point to get out and give your body a break and possibly hydrate. After a short break, you are free to get back in and enjoy the hot tub more. With temperatures under 100 degrees F, you can stay in longer but be sure to mix in some quick breaks. 

For older adults (65+) and kids younger than 16, it’s best to check with a doctor before use, but definitely limit the time to no more than 10-15 minutes and take longer breaks between dips.

Health determines how long people need to stay in a hot tub.

While hot tubs can definitely be good for your health, you want to first consider your current health conditions before you enter the hot tub. People who have conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure need to consult their doctor before use and follow their instructions. 

If you are taking medication that makes you drowsy, it’s probably best to avoid the hot tub. It is not good to fall asleep in a hot tub. Also, if you ever start feeling dizzy or nauseous, get out of the hot tub and rest, and rehydrate.

Hydration determines how long people need to stay in a hot tub.

It may seem a little counterintuitive, but it is important to stay hydrated during your hot tub use. The heat from the water is slowly pulling the water out of your body, dehydrating you. So always keep some water or another refreshing drink nearby to keep you hydrated and feeling good while you are in the hot tub. That way you can indulge in the benefits of hydrotherapy without getting dehydrated.

Do not drink alcohol when you are in the hot tub. This will only dehydrate you more. Cool water is always best. 

Temperature determines how long people need to stay in a hot tub.

Finally, water temperature is the final parameter. Hot tub water temperatures usually range between 95 to 104 degrees F. The hotter it is, the more careful and conscious you have to be about how long you are in there and how you feel. 

Cooler temperatures, especially under 95 degrees F, do not require as much carefulness. You can stay there longer with less chance of dehydration.


With the right parameters in place, you can happily enjoy your hot tub for as much time as you need. Remember to stay hydrated and check with your doctor if you have health concerns you are unsure about. Contact IHT Hot Tubs and Fireplaces with any questions or to look at the wonderful hot tub options we have available.