Invest in a Hot Tub for the New Year!

Grandparents with grandkids invest in quality time in a hot tub

Whether your holiday season was hustle-and-bustle or merry-and-bright, there was no doubt some stress involved. As you and your family enter the New Year, why not relieve some of that post-holiday stress and invest in a hot tub? The soothing, swirling jets of the hot tub have something for each member of your family, and just might boost your immune system enough to ward off whatever flu bugs happen to be about!

Genius Idea for Grandma and Grandpa 

The older we get, it seems the more aches and pains we accumulate. Joint stiffness, arthritis, injuries, and more tend to sneak up on us — right along with those extra birthday candles people keep adding to your cake. Luckily, a hot tub is the BEST investment you can make in natural pain relief. Hydrotherapy massage jets coupled with luxuriously warm water are the ultimate weapon against aging and arthritis pain. But just so you know… It’s not just for grandparents! 

The Perfect De-Stresser for Parents

Moms and dads, we’re betting you could use a great night’s sleep and maybe even a little getaway from homeschooling and your home office. Add a soak in a hot tub to your bedtime routine to relax both your body and your mind, then slip under your covers and enjoy the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Once you’re well-rested, you can start to plan that romantic date night in your hot tub. Put the kids to bed, and slip into your relaxing hot tub for some special moments with that special someone.

Surprise Spa for the Kids 

If you check your kid’s wishlist, chances are you won’t find a hot tub in their “must-have” column. That’s what makes it the ultimate surprise! Hot tubs are fantastic for kids, because, believe it or not, these tiny and not-so-tiny humans deal with a lot of stress. Whether it’s anxiety about school, social stress, or simply having a bad day every now and then, a hot tub is an excellent space for a therapeutic reprieve. Plus, the little ones can use it as a mini swimming pool. They love to splash while sitting in someone’s lap! And if you’re raising teenagers, your backyard becomes the hotspot hangout — which means you have a bit more supervision when it comes to their after-school activities. Better stock up on those pizza rolls!

Quality Family Time: Priceless

The perfect new year investment for your whole family should have something for everyone, and this includes everyone together. Soaking in a hot tub is easily made into a fun family affair, offering limitless quality time and NO screens! Host a hot tub family game night once a month or a special after-dinner spa session once a week to check-in with each individual. Parties, birthdays, and backyard barbecues are all made better when you come together in your hot tub.


Are you ready to bring home the perfect new year’s resolution for your whole family? Invest in a hot tub today! IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces has the perfect hot tub to meet all your needs, both for recreation and wellness. Schedule a virtual tour of our hot tub selection and get the answers you need to make the RIGHT decision for you and your crew. You’ll also find some amazing hot tub accessories, like a Covana automated cover lifter to enhance your hot tub experience. Contact us today and make this the best New Year ever!

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