Ladies’ Night at Home in a Swim Spa

Over the past year, we’ve all become a lot more accustomed to a night at home — a date night at home, game night, family night, and more. But what about the longstanding tradition of ladies’ night? No need to head out for dinner or happy hour with your favorite gals. We’ll show you how to have the best ladies’ night at home in a swim spa. 

Work it out

You and your friends are busy and you want to make the most of your time. Kill two birds with one stone and kick off your ladies’ night in with a swim spa workout. If you’re thinking a workout isn’t exactly what you had in mind for ladies’ night, hear us out. Everything is more fun when it’s done with friends and that definitely includes workouts! Try one of the exercises below to get your blood flowing.

Start at our Learning Center. We have a page dedicated to swim spa exercises with easy-to-follow videos that are easy and fun for you and your ladies’ night.

You might think jogging in place is more of a warm-up than a full-blown exercise. While it’s great for getting your body moving, it can be a fantastic cardio workout. Really get your heart pumping by lifting your knees as high as possible. Turn up the intensity even more by trying to run against the current of the jets. If you have a treadmill, that will provide a great experience with the resistance of the current and can be adjusted in speed and strength.

Give your abs some attention and do core twists. With your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your stomach muscles tight and rotate from side to side. Be sure to breathe deeply when you make each movement. 

Resistance bands also work wonders with the water. These can easily be added to your swim spa.

Cool Down

Now that your muscles feel the burn, it’s time to relax and rejuvenate them. Have the ladies settle in for some relaxing hydrotherapy. Allow the powerful jets to target sore muscles of the back, legs, and shoulders as you let any tension melt away. 

At-Home Spa Treatment

Once everyone is thoroughly relaxed, it’s time for some pampering with an at home spa night.  Have your spa supplies ready to go as everyone begins to unwind.

Start by setting the tone with soothing music with our Bluetooth music system. Hit play on that zen playlist and let the spa feel take over. Light some aromatherapy candles around your swim spa to help create the perfect environment. 

Skincare is a big part of a trip to the spa. Do your own facials from the comfort of home by purchasing face masks from your local beauty store. Allow your guests to choose based on their preference or skincare needs—moisturizing, firming, or cleansing. Once the masks are on, sit and soak in the swim spa for 15-30 minutes to get the full effects. When it’s time to remove the masks, have cool, wet washcloths on hand to remove them. 

Complete the feel of a spa experience with a pitcher of cucumber or lemon water to sip on as well as some fluffy, luxurious towels ready when everyone gets out of the water.

Call Our Team!

Our tips on how to have the best ladies’ night in with a swim spa are just a start. Use your creativity and the sky’s the limit for your evening! Make sure your swim spa is ready to host ladies’ night year-round. Call the experts at IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. Since 1978, IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces has served the Denver area. We’re proud to offer the finest products and services available in the hot tub industry as well as outstanding customer service. Visit us at one of our four locations today. Call today for more information!

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