Pros and Cons to a Wood Stove

It’s the time of year when people begin planning for the fall and winter ahead. For some, part of that planning might include the addition of a new fireplace in their home. One option homeowners may consider is a wood stove. Whether it’s to save on energy costs or just because they love the feel of a real wood fire burning, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a wood stove. Here, we’ll help you break down the pros and cons to a wood stove. 


Pros of a Wood Stove

  • Fuel Availability – Wood chips, waste from lumber yards, and logs can be grown and purchased locally, which makes it more sustainable. 
  • More Efficient With Less Fuel – Wood stoves are extremely efficient and produce more heat than other fireplaces with less firewood.
  • Greater Control – Wood stoves offer greater control over the fire burning thanks to the air vents. When you control the airflow as well as how much wood you use, it has a direct impact on how much heat is generated. 
  • Longer Fires With Less Maintenance – The greater control with wood stoves also allows fires to burn for a longer length of time. But don’t think that means you have to add fuel to the fire more often. In fact, you’ll spend less time on fire maintenance with a wood stove! You can simply sit back and enjoy. 
  • No Electricity Necessary – While other fireplaces require electricity to operate, wood stoves do not. No matter what a Colorado winter may bring, you’ll have consistent access to heat with or without power. 


Cons of a Wood Stove

  • Supply – When you use a wood stove regularly, you have to have a consistent supply of wood and wood chips available to burn. 
  • Storage – You need to have logs and other fuel on hand, so you need to have adequate storage for it as well. 
  • Disposal Of Ash – After using your wood stove, you’ll have ash waste. This needs to be properly and safely disposed of before your next use. 
  • Learning Curve For Operation – If you’re not familiar with wood stoves, it could take a little time to master the learning curve. It will take a bit of practice to learn the proper way to burn wood efficiently, use the vents and select the correct fuel source.
  • Hot To The Touch – One downside to wood stoves is that the body of the unit becomes very hot while a fire is burning. This is important to consider if you have small children or pets. You would want to consider additional safety measures to ensure they don’t get too close to the stove. 


Call the Wood Stove Professionals

If you’ve reviewed the pros and cons to a wood stove and are ready to install one in your home, call the professionals at IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces! We have proudly served the Denver, Colorado area’s fireplace needs since 1978. Our extensive range of fireplace styles and designs includes electric, gas, and wood-burning fireplace options, including Kozy Heat. 

We know you’ll easily find the style that works best for you. Once you’ve selected the right wood stove for your home, we can help you find a new or used swim spa or hot tub to make the outdoors just as cozy. We carry HotSpring®, Caldera®, and Freeflow Spas®. Call us today at 303-296-7727 to learn about our selection and ask for a free quote!

Kozy Heat
Kozy Heat fireplace

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