What Type of Gas Do Gas Fireplaces Use and Why?

Gas fireplaces can burn two types of fuel: either natural gas or liquid propane. While both types of fuel will allow you to create extra warmth in your home and a fantastic atmosphere to enjoy, they are only partially equal. At IHT, we carry the coveted Kozy Heat® and Majestic® gas fireplaces that both use natural gas to heat your home. You can get converters to use liquid propane with these fireplaces, but they have chosen not to use liquid propane. Let’s chat about why.

1. Natural Gas is the less expensive fuel option fireplaces use.

A price point difference is notable between the two types of fuel. To keep things simple, currently, in the United States, you will pay around $6 for natural gas and over $26 for the same amount of liquid propane. That is a savings of $20 already. We all like to keep our living costs down, and this is a simple way to do just that. So if you’d like to heat your home with a gas fireplace for the best economical cost, natural gas is the way to go.

2. Natural gas is slightly safer than liquid propane.

While both fuels can pose a risk should there ever be a leak, natural gas is slightly safer in that instance. It weighs less than liquid propane, and this weight difference allows it to escape through the vent or chimney more easily and quickly than liquid propane. We all want to stay safe, and despite the slim chances of these events, it is good to know which would be better.

3. Natural gas produces more heat than liquid propane.

Natural gas can produce about five percent more heat than liquid propane. While this is not a huge difference, it will heat your home more efficiently. We know it gets COLD in the winter, and you want to ensure your home is toasty warm, and using natural gas will heat it faster for much longer. 

Plus, it won’t cost you a lot to do so. As stated above, natural gas is more affordable than propane, so now you will spend a little less to have the same amount of heat. This heat production discrepancy will continue to impact the cost of running your fireplace. No matter which fuel you use, gas fireplaces are very economical, but they will be a little cheaper to run with natural gas.

While there are several reasons to choose a natural gas fireplace over liquid propane, your reasons for choosing propane may also be excellent. If you can’t get natural gas anywhere you live, or to your fireplace easily, liquid propane is the right choice for you.


If you have questions about gas fireplaces or the best one to use in your home this winter, reach out to our expert fireplace consultants at IHT. They are ready to help you weigh the pros and cons of your choices and guide you to which option would be the best fit for you and your home. Stop by your nearest IHT location today.

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