5 Benefits and Challenges to a Wood Burning Fireplace

Have you ever considered having a wood burning fireplace? It can have its strengths and weaknesses, but overall, everyone at IHT would agree they are totally worth it! We offer a great selection of Kozy Heat® and Osburn® fireplaces that will fit whatever room you have in mind. We know this is a big decision for most people, and you want to be sure you have made the best choice for you. Our experts are here to help you do just that by weighing the pros and cons with you.

1. Benefit: Wood Burning Fireplaces Use a Natural Resource as Fuel

As the name implies, a wood burning fireplace burns wood. Wood is a resource that can be found in many places and is sustainable and easy to come by. Burning wood gives your fireplace a more natural look and feel and gives you control over how much or how little fuel you want to burn. It also gives you the enjoyment of watching the fire burn down and being able to see the embers and coals glow red at the end of the fire. This is one of the most magical parts of a wood burning fire.

2. Challenge: Wood Burning Fireplaces Can Produce Smoke When Adding Wood or Stoking the Fire

When you burn something, it produces smoke. Burning wood in a wood burning fireplace will produce smoke that can get into your house, and that can be a little unpleasant if the damper is not opened correctly. To help prevent this, you should consider converting your fireplace to a more efficient, clean-burning EPA-approved wood insert. We off a variety in our Osburn fireplace line.

3. Benefit: Wood Burning Fireplaces Can Spread Heat Through Your Whole House

A wood burning fireplace is a great way to reduce heating costs. With the use of a fan and/or vent system to spread it throughout your house, a wood burning fireplace can help keep you warm even on the coldest of nights. This will allow you to use your heating system less and cut down on energy bills.

It can also provide light to the room it is located in. It is always nice to have something that can provide heat and light for your house at the same time. Even if the power goes out, you will have a heat source to keep you and your family warm if it is a cold night.

4. Challenge: It Takes a Little Time for the Fire to Build

As with any time you build a fire from wood without the use of an accelerant, it takes time for a nice warm fire to build in your fireplace. If you want your wood burning fireplace to warm your house, you should plan ahead a little and start building a fire earlier in the day. While it may not be convenient, it is well worth the effort.

5. Benefit: Wood Burning Stoves Can Have Many Uses

While burning a warm, cozy fire in your wood stove*, it can be used for other purposes, as well. Put a pot of water by your fireplace to produce steam and act like a humidifier. You can even add scented oils to produce a pleasant aroma for your house. You can also use it for cooking and put a different spin on a home-cooked meal. Use it as a light to read a bedtime story to your kids. A wood burning stove can be helpful in many ways beyond just producing heat.


At IHT, we know that adding any type of fireplace or wood stove to your home is a big decision. Our experts are ready to help you explore all your options in our stores. Check out our Denver Zumi, Boulder, and Highlands Ranch locations to see your choices in person and get individualized guidance to meet your needs. 


*Note that this benefit applies only to wood stoves and not traditional wood burning fireplaces or inserts.

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