5 Tips for Caring for Your Hot Tub in Winter

In Colorado, it’s no secret that we have some pretty epic winters. The beautiful snow and ice are what winter dreams are made of. But what about when it comes to your hot tub maintenance? Caring for your hot tub in winter doesn’t have to be complicated. IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces is here with some helpful tips to get you (and your hot tub) through the chilly season!

Motivated Maintenance

If you’re a winter hot tub lover, chances are you’re performing your routine maintenance in a timely manner. The key to extending the longevity and efficiency of your hot tub is staying proactive about your maintenance. Top off your tub and balance your chemicals. Before you put away the garden hose for the winter season, perform a thorough cleaning on your filters. And as long as you maintain electricity, your pumps and plumbing will not freeze. If you do lose power, please contact your dealer for guidance. Not planning to use your hot tub this winter? Call IHT Spas and have it professionally winterized by our experienced technicians.

A Quality Cover

When you live in an area with significant weather factors, having a securely locking, high-quality cover on your hot tub is a MUST. A custom HotSpring or Caldera cover is a great option for winter as it offers the ultimate protection against the elements. Not only will you not have to worry about snow creeping in and contaminating your water, but it also seals for energy-efficiency. Just a reminder…don’t forget to unlatch the rear straps before attempting to open the cover, or you’ll break the locking clips. Do not allow snow to accumulate on your cover. NEVER use a shovel to remove snow. IHT Spas recommends a soft bristle push broom for snow removal. 

Leveling Up

It’s vitally important to keep your water levels up when caring for your hot tub in winter. When the water in your hot tub gets low, it exposes your pumps and other essential components to freezing weather. This can lead to disastrous damage to your unit. Add water as needed throughout the week, keeping a check on your chemical levels for a healthy hot tub and a happy you. IHT Spas recommends keeping the water at the base of the pillow.

Temperature Check

The most efficient way to operate your hot tub in winter is to choose a temperature and leave it set there. Most hot tub owners are comfortable between 101 and 104 degrees during the winter season. This will keep your hot tub ready for use at a moment’s notice. You could also add a thermal blanket to help your hot tub retain heat, upping its energy efficiency when it’s not in use. Once you set your desired temperature, your hot tub will do the rest to keep your pipes from freezing, too.

Do you have more questions about caring for your hot tub in winter? We’ve got some helpful resources to guarantee you have the best possible hot tub owning experience! Contact the hot tub professionals at IHT Spas to answer all your bubbling hot tub questions, or to learn more about our hot tub repairs and services


And just for fun…here’s our favorite hot tub hot cocoa recipe!

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