Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

Electric fireplaces have come such a long way over the years. They are no longer the very poor imitation ones that don’t give off much heat you may have seen when you were younger. Today, they offer realistic flames and produce enough heat to warm most small to medium-sized rooms. There are even some top-of-the-line fireplaces available that can heat larger spaces! At IHT, we want to help you achieve your home decor goals while also ensuring your stylish electric fireplace is a functional piece you can utilize. 

Heating Elements in Electric Fireplaces

Most modern electric fireplaces give off heat by using a heating element inside the unit and then a fan to move it around the space. This allows you to utilize zone heating in your home. You can turn down the heat used throughout your home and turn on the electric fireplace in the room you are using. This will lower your electric bill considerably in the winter months! 

Heating Speeds in Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces also come with varying heating speeds. This will allow you to decide how much heat is being spread throughout your room at any given time. Using a lower speed will allow you to add just a little heat while utilizing a higher speed will add more heat or heat a larger area. If you want, you can also use your fireplace without any additional heating. This means enjoying the ambiance of your fireplace even during the summer months if you want. Sometimes just looking at the beauty of your fireplace can be a relaxing event. It is great to know you can do this without adding any unwanted heat to the area.

Extra Control

The joy of using an electric fireplace is that you have control over the heat and look of your fireplace most of the time in remote form. Imagine sitting on your sofa and wanting to add some warmth to the room and just pressing a button to do so! No need to even get up out of your seat. This makes enjoying a fire so simple. It also allows you to control how big or small the fire is with a push of a button. No extra work or know-how necessary.

Ease of Installation

In addition to being able to heat a space, you will also be able to add this feature without a lot of installation time or work. While some electric fireplaces can be hardwired to produce even more heat in a space, many are just a plug-in and go! This will allow anyone to be warmer in a pinch. No need to stress about planning ahead for a fireplace installation.


Electric fireplaces have certainly come a long way along with current technology. Come by your local IHT store to view our current inventory and have our experts answer any questions you may still have about placing an electric fireplace in your home. If an electric fireplace isn’t for you, we also have gas and wood stove inserts available! We are excited to help you warm up your home this winter.

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