How Often Should My Fireplace Be Serviced?

Your fireplace is no doubt the heart of your home, And just like your cozy space of beautiful relaxation has always taken care of you, it’s important to show your fireplace the attention it needs to keep it running safely and burning efficiently. If you’ve found yourself asking “how often should my fireplace be serviced?”, we’ve got the answer to your burning questions! It largely depends on the type of fireplace in your home, so we’ve put together a guide to help you keep the fires crackling. 

Glowing Gas Stoves

Gas fireplaces are well known for their beautiful style, clean burning, and low maintenance. However, any appliance that goes un-serviced for too long can start to experience some troubles. You’ll need to have your gas fireplace cleaned annually, as ceramic logs can deteriorate over time. It’s also important to clean the glass and frames of soot buildup, allowing you to notice cracks in the glass which could quickly turn into a safety hazard. The spring is a great time to do this after a long, cold Colorado winter.

Warm Wood Burning 

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that your majestic wood-burning fireplace be cleaned at least once a year. This includes the flue and chimney, along with other parts of the hearth to clean out soot and debris that could become a fire hazard. While hiring a professional to service any fireplace is highly advised, it’s especially true for wood burning fireplaces. Birds and small animals can also make nests or cozy homes in chimneys. This should be promptly and properly removed by a trained professional, if that becomes an issue. 

Electric Fireplace Embers 

In general, a stunning electric fireplace doesn’t need much cleaning other than a wipe down with a microfiber cloth to remove dust buildup. Try not to use a damp cloth or any cleaning solution, as this can damage your fireplace. However, it’s always wise to have it inspected by a professional once a year to ensure everything is working properly. 

Fantastic Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

It’s a misconception that outdoor fireplaces and fire pits don’t need to be serviced since they’re used outside. It’s actually just as important as your indoor fireplace! Your fireplace or fire pit should come with some instructions for specific care, but in general, a good scrubbing with some mild soap and water will keep it looking brand new and burning efficiently. 

Have you found that your home is missing that “special thing”? Then a fireplace is just what you need! At IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, you will find a vast array of fantastic fireplaces to match your style and space, including gas, electric, wood, and outdoor options.

And if you find yourself with more questions like “how often should my fireplace be serviced?”, our professionals are ready to assist you. Don’t spend another chilly evening wishing you had the comfort and warmth that only a charming fireplace can bring. Contact us today and find the perfect option to make your home complete.

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