5 Signs Your Hot Tub’s Water Is Overdue for Maintenance

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado! So how shall you spend your day relaxing? With a wonderful soak in your hot tub, of course! You grab your swimsuit and go to take off your cover only to find that something isn’t quite right. Maybe you skipped last week’s water testing, or you’ve recently had a party in your hot tub and forgot to adjust the chemicals. Perhaps it’s been awhile since you’ve had a free day to relax in the luxurious warm water, so your hot tub hasn’t been given the proper attention lately. If you’re wondering what in the world is going on with your hot tub, it may be that your hot tub’s water is overdue for maintenance. Don’t despair! We can help. Here are five signs that it is time for some dedicated water maintenance. You can also call our customer care at 303-296-7727 for details specific to your hot tub.

Cloudiness In Your Hot Tub’s Water

The water in your hot tub should be clear, and you should be able to visibly see the bottom of your unit. If you find that your water has a cloudy appearance, there could be a couple of reasons why. Check your filter first to ensure it’s clean and sitting properly. If your filter is in good condition, you’ll want to check your chemical levels. A cloudy hot tub could indicate that your chlorine, pH, calcium hardness, or alkalinity is too high. Or you may simply need to do a shock treatment to bring back water clarity.

Foaming Bubbles

The bubbles you see when you turn on your jet system shouldn’t be foamy. If you find soap-like foam in your hot tub, it could be because you have a build-up of contaminants such as sunscreen, lotion, perfumes, or shampoo. This can happen if you’ve recently had a group enjoy your hot tub. Try adjusting the pH levels, adding some extra sanitizer, or using a defoamer.

Peculiar Odor or Musty Scent

If you take off your hot tub’s cover and notice an odd scent or even a musty smell, it’s more than likely a build-up of bacteria. Test your water’s balance and add the proper chemicals to keep your hot tub healthy, clean, and fresh.

Green Water

The same reasons you love your hot tub — the heat and soothing water — is the same reason algae loves it too. Make sure your hot tub isn’t overdue for maintenance. If your pH levels are too high, in addition to your sanitizer levels being low, you could discover green water in your hot tub. Check your chemical levels, especially your pH and alkalinity, adjusting as needed and follow up with a shock treatment. Green water can also be a result of minerals in your water.

Proudly serving the Denver, Boulder, and Highlands Ranch area, you’ll find everything you need for your hot tub’s water care at IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. Contact us today to learn more about hot tub maintenance, or check out our online store for the high-quality products your hot tub needs to stay clean and healthy. You can also call our customer care at 303-296-7727 for details specific to your hot tub.

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