Stay In and Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Hot Tub Date!

Let’s face it, going out for Valentine’s Day is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth. You may end up fighting for reservations, dealing with large crowds of noisy people, AND it’s expensive. But, it is still a special day. Plan ahead and try something different for a more intimate, cozy, and most of all fun for many Valentine’s Day to come. When February 14th rolls around, we’ve got a fantastic way to spend time with the person you love the most – with a spectacular evening in your hot tub! Stay in to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and create your most memorable date night ever, year after year.

The BEST Date Ideas for Staying In

Before leading to the epic ending of your hot tub date night, we’ve got some lovely ideas that trump even the sappiest of romance movies.


  • Breakfast for Two: Start your Valentine’s Day with a homemade breakfast of all your favorite foods. You can cook together, or you can surprise your Valentine with a home cooked flapjack full of love.
  • Save the Last Dance: When was the last time you danced? Your wedding? High school? Never? It’s so easy to find a simple dance tutorial online. Or, make up your own routine to a nostalgic song. Make it silly… Make it romantic… Make it together.
  • Goofy Game Night: Finding some classic board games for two, like chess, Battleship, or Scrabble is a sure-fire way to have some carefree laughs, stimulating conversation, and touch base with the things that made you fall in love to begin with.
  • Skills that Last a Lifetime: Valentine’s Day is a fantastic time to learn a new skill or hobby together. Have a picture painting contest, cook an exotic meal, or start learning a new instrument. 
  • Create your own special recipe for a date night hot chocolate. If you follow this crockpot recipe, it’s like your hot chocolate will be cooked in its own hot tub!

End on a “Hot Note”

After you’ve spent the day cherishing some special moments, it’s time to end your date night on  a hot note – in your hot tub! Enjoy a therapeutic massage along with some distraction-free quality time. Play some light romantic music, or que up a movie and relax your worries and stresses away. There’s nothing quite like letting the warm water envelope you after a long day of activities, even if you choose to stay in and celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Reap the Benefits

Once the day is over, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of time spent in your hot tub. Better sleep, less pain, and the knowledge that you spent some true, quality time reconnecting with your love are just some of the amazing perks you’ll receive. They will continue on into the night when you stay in and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your hot tub. 


Hot tub date nights aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect place to keep that love growing as you fall in love with your hot tub too. It’s conveniently available for when you need some relaxing and restorative time with your partner. At IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, you’ll find the perfect hot tub for all your recreation, therapeutic, and entertainment needs. Proudly serving Denver and the surrounding areas, we can’t wait to help you bring home the hot tub of your dreams. Contact us today and schedule a virtual tour of our showroom for a convenient shopping experience with our knowledgeable professionals.

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