What are the Advantages of a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace?

Direct vent gas fireplaces have been around for a while now, but are they worth it? They really are! With low maintenance, easier access to fuel, and the ability to work during a power outage, you can’t go wrong with a direct vent gas fireplace from your local IHT. It will add ambiance to your home as well as another heating option. You will be able to enjoy this investment for years to come. These are just a few advantages you can enjoy with a direct vent gas fireplace. 

A direct vent gas fireplace offers low maintenance.

There’s nothing like snuggling with your little ones beside the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa, and reading a bedtime story! However, while many parents love the ambiance a wood fireplace gives to a room, sometimes caring for small children and cleaning a wood fireplace at the same time poses a challenge. However, a direct vent gas fireplace gives that same ambiance with low maintenance.

Direct vent gas fireplaces require no sweeping or ash removal, and you don’t need a stack of maintenance tools nearby to care for it. With a gas fireplace, you can spend more time sitting in front of the fire with your kids enjoying its warmth, and less time maintaining it.

Gas fireplaces are easier to fuel and light.

Another advantage to direct vent gas fireplaces is that they are easier to fuel and light. Since the gas fireplaces are connected directly to the gas line, there’s no need to go out into the cold to refuel your fireplace! Plus, there’s no hassle in lighting a gas fireplace. All you need to do is turn the knob or start it with a remote control to start a fire and the logs will begin to glow warmly with little effort on your behalf.

Plus, many direct vent gas fireplaces have a variety of log styles to choose from, so you can choose the log type that suits your home and aesthetic the best. So no more stacking firewood!

Ultimately, a gas fireplace does all the work for you.

Install a gas fireplace in a variety of spaces.

An additional advantage direct vent gas fireplaces offer is that they can be installed in several different spaces in your home. You could have a traditional-looking fireplace in your living room, or you could add a warm elegance to your dining room. Or you could transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat or create a cozy feel in your bedroom with a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces can also be installed in guest cottages, garages, game rooms, the list goes on! 

Direct vent gas fireplaces will still work in a power outage.

One of the biggest advantages of gas fireplaces is that they will still work in a power outage. Since they run on gas, electricity doesn’t matter. Should a snowstorm be particularly bad this winter, a gas fireplace will keep your home and family warm, even without power. This is essential in Colorado, as winters come blanketed in feet of snow and temperatures can dip down to -20 degrees F. 


There are so many advantages of a direct vent gas fireplace. Come into your local IHT location and check out our amazing selection of gas fireplaces we have in stock. You can see firsthand how realistic they look, and the various options available to suit the style and needs of your home. Our experts are excited and ready to help you!

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