What Are the Health Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub?

Have you been trying to make a decision about investing in a hot tub for yourself or your family? Did you know there are a crazy number of health benefits of owning a hot tub? It’s true!

At IHT, we know the benefits of hot tubs are amazing. That’s why we seek to share this knowledge with all of our customers so that the quality of their lives can be improved! Let’s dive into some of our favorite health benefits of owning a sensational hot tub from IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces.

Health Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub #1: Burns Calories

The first benefit of owning a hot tub is that it may actually help you burn more calories! This is great news after the holidays. While this is not going to burn hundreds of calories and be the equivalent of an intense workout, it will add up over time, and for some of us, every little bit counts. With just 15 to 20 minutes of soaking time each day, you can slowly burn a few extra calories and boost your metabolism. 

Health Benefit #2: Improves Sleep

Another of our favorite health benefits of owning a hot tub is that it may help to improve your sleep. Sleep is a crucial aspect of anyone’s health. Without appropriate amounts of sleep, you are likely to feel more stress, continue to get less sleep, and even eat more calories during the day. Getting enough sleep is vital to mental health as well. If you don’t feel good, it makes it increasingly challenging to take care of yourself. Relaxing in a hot tub will help to ease your mind and body and prepare you to get a great night’s sleep, snowballing into other essential health benefits. 

Health Benefit #3: Reduces Stress

We hinted at this health benefit in the previous section, but a favorite of the health benefits of owning a hot tub is reduced stress. The warm water and jets in your hot tub will allow you to take your mind off of things that happened during the day and ease any muscle tension you may have been holding onto as a consequence. Taking just 15 to 20 minutes each day will allow your body to let all of this go. You can stay in longer if you like but do make sure to keep hydrated.

Health Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub #4: Muscle Recovery

Soaking in a hot tub also offers faster muscle recovery. We have all experienced some sort of injury or pain in our bodies and how that affects our daily life. Using the warm water and jets on that specific area will allow the muscles to repair themselves more efficiently. It can also provide an excellent place to stretch in the water, as our muscles naturally respond positively to this. 

Health Benefit #5: Arthritis Impact

Joint pain can be truly bothersome, especially for those who experience arthritis. For the same reasons that a hot tub can help with muscle recovery, it may also assist in arthritis management. You do need to check in with your doctor before using this as a source of relief to be sure that it will not interfere with any other health concerns you may have. For many people, though, soaking in a hot tub may possibly alleviate some of the intense joint pain they experience by allowing increased blood flow throughout their bodies.

Health Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub #6: Lowers Blood Pressure

Lowering blood pressure can be a very difficult and tricky thing to accomplish, often requiring people to use medication if it is severe. You should still check in with your doctor to be sure it is a safe option for you, but the warmth of the water allows your blood vessels to dilate and for blood to flow more freely through the body. The free movement may improve your blood pressure some when done regularly. It can also provide a safe place for lower-impact exercises, as stated previously, and we all know that exercise is a key to lowering blood pressure long term.

Health Benefit #7: Diabetes Improvement

There are millions of people who have diabetes, and it can be challenging to control or improve. One of the excellent health benefits of owning a hot tub is that soaking may improve things for those with diabetes. The pain relief, increased blood flow, improved metabolism, and, most notably, low-impact location to do some exercise are all hugely beneficial to diabetic patients. Making this investment in your health will pay off when used regularly. 

Health Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub #8: Year-Round Use

While you can use things like a pool to help you exercise in a low-impact environment, having a hot tub will allow you access to those exercises and health benefits all year long. Since the water is kept warm, you can use it anytime you want, even in Colorado! The weather doesn’t need to impact your health goals.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Challenging to Care for a Hot Tub

Best of all, a hot tub doesn’t have to be challenging to care for. With the new FreshWater™ Salt System, you can get your hot tub up and running, then let the saltwater insert keep your water clean. You can simply check the pH and alkalinity once a week to be sure they don’t need balancing. With this fantastic system, you don’t need to add chlorine to your water. Change the cartridge once every four months, add salt when needed, and you’re good to go. 

The health benefits of owning a hot tub are an awe-inspiring and extensive list. We have more information on our website available, and our sales associates are always happy to discuss any specific health benefits with you in-store or over the phone. Knowing that a hot tub is so simple to care for is also a relief. You can find a wonderfully easy and effective way to reach your health goals this year by investing in a new hot tub from IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. Come see us at any of our four Denver area locations to get started improving your overall health today.


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